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Capital gains tax

We are able to advise on this complex issue – contact us to find out how we can help.

Capital gains tax (CGT) planning is a must for anyone who is intending to make a disposal of a capital asset for example, a share of a business or a company, stocks and shares or a property.

Capital Gains Tax is a tax on the profit when you sell (or ‘dispose of’) something (an ‘asset’) that’s increased in value. You also do not have to pay Capital Gains Tax if all your gains in a year are under your tax-free allowance.

Disposing of an asset includes: selling it, giving it away as a gift, or transferring it to someone else; swapping it for something else; getting compensation for it - like an insurance payout if it’s been lost or destroyed. Depending on the asset, you may be able to reduce any tax you pay by claiming a relief. Examples of assets that may be liable for CGT include personal possessions over a certain value; property that’s not your main home; your main home if you’ve let it out, used it for business or it’s very large; any shares that are not in an ISA or PEP; and business assets.

We are able to advise on this complex issue to ensure that maximum relief is obtained where available. We can help you determine whether you're eligible for any reliefs available to you and advise on the best way for you to meet your goals. We'll also help you plan for the future—and make sure that your investment strategy aligns with your overall financial goals.

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