Darren Croucher BSc (Hons) ACA FCCA

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Founder and Managing Director

Darren is an experienced and knowledgeable Chartered Accountant and adviser to businesses large or small, dealing with all matters from financial reporting, corporate or personal tax matters to advising on corporate finance transactions including raising of finance or the buying or selling of businesses.

A Registered Auditor he has a keen eye for detail which can make all the difference when it comes to making the big decisions. He is certainly the person to be in your corner if you are starting out, expanding, re-organising, or just need help in your day to day compliance and filing of Tax Returns. A calming influence, he has empathy, and a real knowledge and understanding of all the issues that face a business owner, as he himself has experienced all the ups and downs that go with running a business.

When he was young he wanted to be a policeman (aged 14-16), pilot (aged 17) and professional football or cricket player (pretty much all his life – likes to think he can still play a bit) but in the end he opted for a career in accountancy following a brief stint as a Quantity Surveyor at the beginning of his working life.

At home he spends his time with his wife Natalie, a growing family of four children with the recent edition of a long awaited daughter, (having three boys already), two woolly dogs, a cat, four cockatiels, four budgies and nine hens at his farmhouse in North Bedfordshire. He occasionally gets time to support his football team Arsenal but has not had time for a round of golf for what seems like ages.

Contact details

Email: darren@crouchers-accountants.co.uk

Phone: 01908 597 047